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Mandarin Chinese is increasingly becoming
the core competency for *Glocals.


LBC Academy was born to accompany Glocal citizen to embrace Chinese culture and language to be part of the assets,to enjoy a balanced and fulfiling life.

LBC Academy 坚信全球本地化理念,站在这个角度进行中文教学,和组织中国文化相关的活动和商务合作。

About LBC: About Us

The Glocals presenting global knowledge within a local context that respects human rights. It encapsulates the concept 'think globally, act locally'. - Recite from Google

Practical quality Chinese Courses

The exclusive courses are created by 

LBC teaching team. The top notch  approach has received great reviews by followers and learners. 

Cross culture Communication

LBC Academy is the first integrated Chinese learning platform created across three continents -Europe, the USA and China, by multilingual and multicultural backgrounds experts .

​Unique and Insightful content

Live Chatroom videos from Youtube chanel invite talents from different fields . ​


Glocal membership allows learners to access all self-learning courses while  have fun and review their level with multiple live events & classes.

​ Service and community

Put learners needs upfront, providing tentative and professional tutoring service to all LBC Academy community.

Forum vitalises the community experience and enhance the learning experience.

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