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Free LBC 33 Cartoon Chinese Lessons 卡通中文 33课

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Welcome to LBC 33 Cartoon Chinese!(Chinese down below) It is suitable for HSK2-3 (A1-A2)Elementary-intermediate level learners,That means you have done some Chinese study and now need to fresh it up! - The course is fun , efficient,and flexible for busy bees like you ,and great for both Kids and Adults! - 30 mins/day ,each class includes Self-study transcripts,Vocabulary,Grammars,and Video lesson。 - It helps to achieve 4 main goals: 1. Open your mouth and practice Chinese again! 2. Listen more and understand more 3. Writing is hard, but you will get there step by step 4. Cultivate reading habits for life LBC 卡通中文33课 这个课程适合曾经学过中文,现在想要重新刷新下记忆的你! HSK2-3,A1-A2 初中级水平 ,适合儿童和成人 LBC自编视频课程 每一课分为 以下内容: - 自学文章材料 - 词汇 - 语法 - 老师讲解视频 这套课程将实现4个目标 1. 再次张嘴练习说中文 2. 听的多了,懂的就多了 3. 中文写作虽然难,但是日积月累慢慢提高 4. 养成阅读中文的好习惯 只要开始就有收获!

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