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HSK 4 Test Cram Course HSK4考试冲刺课

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l 适合人群:备考中文HSK4考试的学习者,希望了解HSK考试的人 For all learners who are preparing for the Chinese HSK4 test or want to know about the HSK test. l 内容:7小时精华课程,9个视频(听力*4,阅读*3,书写*2) 7 hours video course, 9 videos (Listening*4, Reading*3, Writing*2) 1.了解考试——讲解HSK4考试题型 HSK4 test preparation guide (section, content, number of questions, time, etc..) 2.学习考点——梳理HSK4考试重点 Testing points 3.学会考试——总结HSK4 考试技巧 Test tricks 4.实战模拟——讲解大量真题 Official Test practice

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